About Us

Augmented Reality Club is an organization in which great people "shape reality". This is a place where Augmented/Mixed Reality pioneers and developers get together to build fantastic applications, mainly in teams (but individuals are always welcomed, as well), for devices such as the Hololens and more to come in the future.


We are here to create an environment where developers can learn and implement their AR ideas with a team. Our goal is to promote awareness of augmented reality and to equip students with the tools they need to be prepared for the new emerging technologies of tomorrow.



AR Club's members and community strives to inspire and continue to work on augmented reality development with conviction. Commitment to finish the project at hand, has been the priority of AR Club, and will continue to provide the equipment for members to stay committed through semester to come.


AR Club has become such a great community since its inception. The community strides to make every single member feel connected with the ultimate goal to learn and to build the future. AR Club is proud to have the responsibility to continuously create the environment needed to provide the tools needed for our members; whether that is friendships, development advise, hardware or software assistance. We support our members, as they support us.


Ultimately one of the most important reason we created this organisation, was to build the future. AR Club's members are motivated individuals that want to create the next innovation of tomorrow. This is what AR Club is, a group of individuals that will stay ahead of the new emerging technologies, such as augmented reality.


Check out some of our events!

Event Name Description Date Time Location
Leadership Meeting Discussion of Leadership mandates. 1/26/18 5 PM - 6 PM AVW Building
Leadership Bonding Dinner Event. 1/26/18 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM TBA
Interest Meeting Come join us at the AR Interest Meeting to find out who we are, what we do, and what you can do! 1/30/18 5:15 PM - 6:30 PM JMZ 0103
Hacktorial Introduction to Vuforia with Unity, w/ John Ball. 2/1/18 7 PM - 8 PM CSIC 2117
Tutorial #1.A Introduction to Blender, w/ Emily Gong. 2/2/18 5 PM - 6 PM TBA
Tutorial #2.A Introduction to AR Core. 2/9/18 5 PM - 6 PM TBA
Tutorial #2.B Introduction to AR Kit. 2/9/18 5 PM - 6 PM TBA
Workshop #1 Meet with mentors and create further progress with your projects! Bonus: Club Bonding Event (Cardboard boxes). 2/9/18 5 PM - 6 PM TBA
Tutorial #3.A Special Request from members. 2/23/18 5 PM - 6 PM TBA
Workshop #2 Meet with mentors to deploy projects. 2/23/18 5 PM - 6 PM AVW 3164
Shape Reality Talk Guest Speaker: TBA. TBA TBA TBA
RealityHacks Join us as we collaborate with the VR Club, to give you an immersive experience with AR and VR; all in a caffeine fueld event! TBA TBA TBA
Workshop #5 Great time to talk to mentors and fix any, last minute, bugs you have. TBA TBA TBA
Practice Demo Demo your projects to your assigned mentors and get some feedback. TBA TBA TBA
Maryland Day We will be presenting to the public, AR projects. Come join us as we show what AR has to offer. 4/28/18 10 AM - 4 PM University of Maryland campus
Finals Good luck everyone! 5/12/18 - 5/18/18 - -